Nonviolent Love is the reality of God's Presence. It is visible in
Jesus Christ and in Jesus' Nonviolent Followers throughout
the history of Christianity. Nonviolent Love is the golden thread
into which we as Christians must nurture our children.

Nonviolent Followers of Jesus: The Golden Thread

The curriculum Nonviolent Followers of Jesus: The Golden Thread is for children Pre-K
through 6th grade. Through immersion in this curriculum children learn the language of Gospel nonviolence. While becoming acquainted with current and past Nonviolent Followers of Jesus
the rich creativity of Gospel nonviolence is opened to children. A life long conversation with ever deepening potential begins. Grounded in sacred Scripture the conversation addresses the troublesome justification of violence and the practicality of good--mercy, empathy, compassion--overcoming evil. Junior high, high school and even college-level study builds securely on
this solid foundation. 38 short biography booklets are available for the cost of printing. All other printable parts of the curriculum are downloadable at this website. Some manipulatives must be hand made. Directions are available in the material making document. Training in use of these materials is strongly encouraged.

Peg Burns and Greg Kerbawy merged their knowledge of Gospel nonviolence
with their training in the Montessori Method. Thus, the built-in repetition of the curriculum's manipulatives fosters enjoyment and appreciation of the truth of Gospel nonviolence.
Reinforcement of the content continues through the work of the child. Abundant
follow-on work has been provided.


For biography booklets, training, guidance or support contact: or 816.786.5619.