Curriculum Overview

Biography Work

Along with Jesus and Mary, stories of 36 Nonviolent Followers of Jesus are told. Card
material and objects representing Nonviolent Followers of Jesus placed on timelines
convey the truth that the teaching and practice of Nonviolent Love has existed since the
beginning of Christianity. By placing each Nonviolent Follower of Jesus on a map in his
or her country of origin children see that Nonviolent Love has existed and still exists
throughout the world.

Early Christians: Scripture and the Tradition of the Early Church

Objects placed on timelines of the first three centuries guide children into an awareness
of the awesome Christian movement—Early Christians, filled with the Holy Spirit followed
Jesus, the Agnus Dei in living ‘The Way’ of the Lamb. Nonviolent Love is made visible
to the world.

Constantinian Christianity and the Problem of Justified Violence

Upper elementary children are introduced to the significant alteration of Christianity at
the time of Constantine and explore the terrible consequences of justified violence.

The Solution

The solution is presented: putting on the mind of Christ, living the image of the Agnus Dei,
continuing the Golden Thread of Nonviolent Love. With joy we realize the solution is available
to all; everyone is called to participate. We revisit, now with greater maturity, those who
have lived and suffered through the Solution--the Nonviolent Followers of Jesus.